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ATN Bangla is one of the most popular digital cable television channels in Bengali language. It 'broadcast from a studio in Dhaka (capital of Bangladesh). ATN bangla transmitted in the Middle East, South Asia, North America and Europe. The channel telecast wide variety of program including movies, news, talk shows, dramas, and more. Channel began broadcasting in South Asia July 16, 1997. Europe began broadcasting in 2001.

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opu shaon said... May 29, 2014

ATN Bangla is one of the most popular Bangla TV channel and they have to well reputation. But they have to keep up their reputation by providing legal news and good entertainment. Thanks :)

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BD Live Now said... October 09, 2017

ATN Bangla & ATN News is much popular among Bangladeshi news and entertainment hunters. I believe it was Ntv for interesting news. But, nowadays Ntv lost their popularity because now some channel launched for 24 hours live news such as Independent TV, Channel 24, Somoy News Etc.