How to Make Kurkure at Home?

Looking for a delicious and crunchy evening snack that is simple to prepare as well? Try the Kurkure recipe. Kurkure is made from corn, rice, chicken pea flour, vegetable oil, salt and spices. Commercially, Kurkure is available in flavors such as Masala much, Naughty tomatoes, puff corn, corn cups, and green chutney. At home, kurkure is also available in recipes such as Aloo Kurkure, rice kurkure, potato finger kurkure and a lot more. For purposes of this discussion, this article will focus on how to prepare Kurkure recipes at home.
1. 250 g of rice
2. One tablespoon of oil
3. One tablespoon of red chili powder
4. One tablespoon of salt, to taste

1. Simmer the rice in an open pot for at least ten minutes, or till it turns soft and little water remains
2. Using a spoon or a spatula, beat the rice till it gets mixed with water
3. Add the red chilli powder and salt. Mix them well
4. Now take a plate and coat it over using a plastic sheet cover. Oil the sheet 
5. Fill a plastic cone with the rice mixture. Pour long strips of the rice fusion via the plastic cones. Place the rice Kurkure in the open to dry. 
6. Store the Kurkure in an airtight container. For immediate use, fry them in oil and serve when ready.
Overall, it takes about two days to prepare the rice Kurkure.

Aloo Kurkure
1. Two large Potatoes
2. Two tablespoons of fresh coriander, chopped
3. Two green chili, chopped
4. Salt to taste
5. Half inch piece of ginger, grated
6. Four tablespoons of Besan
7. One teaspoon of Chaat masala 
8. Oil for frying
9. Half tablespoon of Jeera powder 

1. Wash the potatoes gently and boil them
2. Allow the potatoes to cool and remove their skins by peeling 
3. Using a finger, break the potatoes into small pieces 
4. Add green chilli, fresh coriander, ginger, salt, jeera powder, chaat masala, and besan to the potatoes
5. Set aside for about five minutes
6. Heat the cooking oil in a frying pot and deep-fry the potatoes on heat, until they turn golden brown in color 
7. Remove the fried potatoes into a plate coated with tissue paper
8. Serve when hot with coriander chutney

1. Avoid overcooking the potatoes, lest they will turn mushy
2. For storage, only mix all the ingredients in advance, but do not fry them lest they will go bad
3. Break the potatoes into small pieces once they are cool, lest they will turn mushy 

Urad dal Kurkure:
1. To prepare urad dal kurkure at home, the following ingredients are required;  
2. One cup/200g of rice flour
3. Three tablespoons of urad dal flour
4. Half teaspoon cumin seeds
5. Half teaspoon salt to taste
6. Half teaspoon of black or white sesame seeds
7. Two tablespoon asafetida
8. Three tablespoon of butter

Other requirements include:
1. Frying pan
2. Spatula/spoon
3. Mixing bowl

1. Roasting:
Roast urad dal and grind it to a fine texture. To grind the urad dal, use a grinding machine. 
2. Mix the ingredients in a large cooking bowl
Add urad dal, melted butter, rice flour, cumin seeds, sesame seeds, rice flour, and salt in a large mixing bowl. Mix the ingredients thoroughly using a spatula.
3. Add water:
Add enough water to make dough.
4. Roll the dough:
Here, pick a small ball from the dough and put it into the chakali maker. Next, heat the oil and press the mould over the oil till enough beat comes out. 
5. Fry the dough:
Fry the dough until it turns golden brown in color. Afterward, remove it and allow it to cool before storing them in an airtight container. Serve and enjoy.

Besides, you can also try to make kurkure by machine, which can serve more people or start business.

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